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About Hygiene Solutions

Pikoline Hygiene Solutions produces and delivers professional cleaning and disinfection solutions. Whether it concerns the professional cleaning industry, the agricultural industry, the food industry or the vehicle industry, Pikoline has a suitable solution.

Through innovative R&D, intensive research by specialised chemists and a constant close cooperation with its partners, Pikoline is continuously working on new solutions. Thanks to its own production facilities and modern equipment, combined with high-quality and reliable products, Pikoline is your supplier of professional hygiene products and the solution for hygiene challenges in your company.


Pikoline has a broad range of its own distinctive quality products, divided across six product divisions, all with a recognisable and recurring colour pattern.

-PikoDes™, for powerful effective disinfectants
-PikoClean™, for high-quality cleaners
-PikoWash™, for ultimate vehicle cleaning
-PikoPowder™, for perfect hygiene powders
-PikoCare™, for the best care products
-PikoFood™, for cleaning in the food industry


Clean housing, clean materials and good personal hygiene optimises the resistance of your livestock, creates a healthy living environment and reduces the risk of diseases and stress. Through a good hygiene management system, you are able to prevent rather than cure and can drastically reduce the use of antibiotics and vaccinations within your company. Pikoline Hygiene Solutions provides distinctive high-quality cleaning and disinfection tools for the well-being of both your livestock and your company.

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Food Industry

Today, food safety throughout the entire chain is of immeasurable importance. In an industry that is highly sensitive to bacteria and infections such as the food industry, we can not be critical enough in terms of hygiene standards. Whether you are active in the meat, fish, dairy, vegetable, bakery, catering or any other industry. With its own high-quality products and a food line developed specifically for the industry called PikoFood™, Pikoline Hygiene Solutions offers the right professional solutions to ensure hygiene within your company and allow it to contribute to an optimised food chain.

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Vehicle Care

Pikoline delivers powerful cleaning products that are suitable for superior vehicle cleaning. Vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains and boats, but also other lacquered materials can be cleaned flawlessly. In addition to the high-quality cleaners, Pikoline Hygiene Solutions also offers registered disinfection tools for disinfecting transport trucks for cattle. Pikoline Hygiene Solutions is able to make your vehicle shine like new again.

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Professional Cleaning

Live, work and play in a clean environment. Pikoline Hygiene Solutions makes it possible. Pikoline provides the professional cleaning industry with high-quality, durable cleaners and disinfectants that meet all legal standards and requirements. We make it possible to clean walls, floors, kitchens, sanitary rooms and similar surfaces in an effective and efficient way, as if the dirt was never there.

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