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About Animal ID

For over 10 years, Pikoline Animal Identification has been providing governments and dealers all over the world with high-quality animal identification tools. Thanks to a fully automated and optimised production process, we provide our partners with professional products in large quantities with the associated specifications.

Our range of products is the result of years of experience combined with a continuous process of research & development and feedback based on the experiences of our partners. We offer both diverse visual and electronic ear tags and essential accessories that optimise the data your company collects per animal and ensures optimal performance for both the animal and the business. Among other things, Pikoline Animal ID produces certified ear tags and programs its transponders according to ISO standards.


Worldwide, through dealers and tenders, farmers and other end-users get the opportunity to optimise their business operations through high-quality animal identification tools from Pikoline. We specialise in providing identification tools for cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, camels, deer and other species.

A perfect price-quality ratio, an eye for animal comfort, the professional production facility with the latest techniques and high-quality raw materials ensure that Pikoline offers customer-oriented solutions at a high level.

Livestock ID

Unique products for optimising animal identification processes are essential in the worldwide - and rapidly growing - livestock population. Pikoline Animal ID produces and delivers high-quality identification products that allow end-users of our products to guarantee, simplify and improve traceability and disease control within intensive livestock farming.

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